So much for plans!

Well, so much for my ‘once a fortnight’ minimum personal target!

So where are we, since last time?

Small progress – in need of a change of pace after finishing the Votann Hearthkyn squad, bikes and Kahl, I started on some sheds for Zona Alfa/modern games.

Current state above. The roofs, doors and other fittings will all be a different grey, and when assembled they’ll provide some nice options for the table. The next task for these will be to add bases and some scatter to bring them to life, hence this lot off the 3d printer:

Sections of sewer pipe, barrels, cardboard boxes, and other assorted gubbins. Also pictured is a failed humvee print from the recent Kickstarter which will be rusted and wrecked, I might throw a tarp over it to disguise it a bit. The eagle-eyed may notice a few 28mm infantry bits in there – more on them in future…

Elsewhere, the first successful print from the Humvees Kickstarter is just about ready for paint:

This will be an MG carrier with a 12.7mm MG to support my Spectre insurgent kill team. More on that next time!

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