Leagues Of Votann – Small beginnings

Apologies for the blurry pics, they were taken late on under the dining room lights! These two pics make up the sum total of what I’ve built so far.

With a new year comes (inevitably?) a new army project for 40k.

The list looks like this so far:

Leagues of Votann [23 PL, 633pts] ++
League: Urani-Surtr Regulates

  • HQ [6 PL, 150pts] +
     High Kâhl, Mass gauntlet , Rampart crest , The Hearthfist, Volkanite disintegrator, Warlord
  • Troops [7 PL, 188pts] +
     Hearthkyn Warriors w/ ion blasters [7 PL, 188pts]
    . Theyn: EtaCarn plasma pistol, Gravitic concussion grenades, Ion blaster
    . 4x Warrior: 4x Autoch-pattern bolt pistol, 4x Gravitic concussion grenades, 4x Ion blaster
    . Warrior w/ comms array
    . Warrior w/ heavy weapon: L7 missile launcher
    . Warrior w/ heavy weapon: Magna-rail rifle
    . Warrior w/ medipack
    . Warrior w/ scanner
  • Elites [5 PL, 175pts]
     Cthonian Berserks w/ concussion mauls [5 PL, 175pts]
    . 4x Berserk: 4x Concussion maul
    . Berserk with mole grenade launcher
  • Fast Attack [10 PL, 230pts] +
     Hernkyn Pioneers [5 PL, 120pts]
    . Pioneer w/ comms array
    . Pioneer w/ HYLas rotary cannon
    . Pioneer w/ searchlight:

These guys will be URSR – the spartan, tougher-than-tough for a bit more durability on the table.

Still to build is an Iron Master, Hekaton Land Fortress, and another squad each of Hearthkyn and Pioneers. This should take me up to about 1250. Of course with the new Arks Of Omen detachment, I now need another troops choice – so a third squad’s worth of bodies will be working their way off the printer to be built as a barebones bolter squad.

A quick colour test I started on. Still need to define some of the details like the knee and elbow pads and the bits of the gun I’ve not yet touched, but this took probably a grand total of 30 minutes to do with four paints.


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